Why android spy app is important for parenting?

Why android spy app is important for parenting?

The increased use of the smartphone by the kids has posed some serious implications to their lives. The kids are getting more and more victimized by cyber threats and criminals, and this age of digitization has made them vulnerable to external threats.

The kids have earned their hands even more in the Covid-19 pandemic situation. All the academic activities and teaching have switched to virtual platforms, which increased the kids’ screen time even more.

With this shift, the children have got more time for using a mobile phone, but this change has posed a few ills to the story. The kids get vulnerable to cyber offenses, cyber criminals. A large increase in reported cases of harassment and cyberbullying is observed after this shift, which is alarming for the parents.

The problem has found the roots in the deprived culture of the society were sex offenders, cyber predators, cybercriminals seek to stalk the children in their personal lives, try to get into their privacy, and look to gain unlawful financial or other illegitimate benefits through exploiting and blackmailing the kids.

A report suggests that around 50% of the teens experience cyberbullying and harassment attempts at some stage, which they hide from their parents due to the fear of repute and credibility loss.

This is another problem that kids hide their on-going situation from the parents because they don’t feel comfortable sharing their problems with their parents. So, it is strongly suggested to the parents that they should give confidence to their kids so that they can share each and everything with their parents, which can assist in coping with the problems posed by digitization.

Another investigation conducted by a well-known mental health institute suggested that around 68% of the kids suffering from mental health issues have suffered cyberbullying in the last year. This is alarming for the parents that they need to devise a strong mechanism and protocol for the safety of their kids.

A large proportion of kids’ mobile phones are running with Android operating systems. So, the parents need to keep a close watch on the activities performing on these Android devices.

The only solution, as found by the investigation, is to use an android spy app that can actively and extensively monitor each and every bit of communication taking place using the respective android device.

An android spy app allows the parent to track and monitor all the activities of the kids over their cell phone and allows dealing with the mess of cybercriminals who seek to target the kids for illegitimate purposes.

There are many spying services available that monitor activities over android phones but the best of them is TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy is one of the very best spying services available in the online marketplace that provides efficient kid and employee monitoring solutions. The app can be installed on Android, iPhone, MAC, and Windows operating systems.

We will discuss the salient features of the app that spy on android devices.

Tracking location of the target device

The real-time location of the target device can be identified using TheOneSpy. The feature allows the parent to know the exact location of the kid if the kid is not around.

The feature adds to the security of the child in a way that if the child is not getting reached out, the feature can be used to know if the child is safe or caught in any inconvenience.

Geo-fencing the movement of the child

The movement of the child can be restricted to certain safe and secure premises using the geofencing feature. The android spy app enables to mark allowed and forbidden zones for a visit by the child. If the child moves out of the allowed zone, an email notification is sent to the parent notifying the respective activity.

Tracking internal storage of the phone

The android spy app allows stalking all the internal storage of the target phone. All the images, videos, SMS, contacts, calendars, and appointments can be monitored using the spy app.

 Website blocking through the spy app

The website blocking feature allows blocking specific websites to access from the target phone. The blocked websites may have inappropriate content, which can be morally challenging for the kid to view.

Spying on social media apps

The spy app allows tracking all the social media apps like FB spy app, Whatsapp spy app, Kik spy app, TikTok spy app, all the chats, multimedia, VoIP and video calls, and voice notes can be spied on in real-time.


An android spy app allows cloning all the activities performing on the target android device. This helps parents in safeguarding children from the threats of digital networks, and the best spy app that addresses all the aspects of android spying is TheOneSpy.

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