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Whipple Operation For Pancreatic Cancer Specialist In India

One of the complex cancer operations is the Whipple operation for pancreatic cancer treatment. Pancreatic cancer forms abnormal cells in the pancreas, a lower part of the stomach.

It is quite challenging to detect the early stage of pancreatic cancer, as there are no significant symptoms seen. For treating pancreatic cancer, treatment from top surgeons is essential.

When pancreatic cancer reaches an extreme stage, the symptoms, like abdominal pain, dark-coloured urine, blood clots, fatigue, diabetes, weight loss, and light-coloured stools, are detected.

Therefore, it is essential to consult top surgeons for this cancer treatment. If you experience any of these symptoms, you must immediately go to your doctor and check for these conditions.

Max Healthcare is one of the best cancer treatment hospitals. It has speciality doctors for Whipple procedure in Delhi, India.

If pancreatic cancer is detected at its early stage, it is curable with surgery. For an extreme phase of pancreatic cancer in patients, treatment like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, etc., are provided.

At the Max Healthcare hospital, doctors for Whipple procedure in Delhi, India, ensure high-grade treatment with utmost care to pancreatic cancer patients.

The hospital is one of the best centres for cancer treatment in Delhi.

Pancreatic Cancer Specialist At Max Healthcare

The director and head of the Max Hospital Saket, Dr Dinesh Singhal, one of India’s top surgeons, is a Whipple operation specialist. The pancreatic cancer treatment at Max Hospital has a team of specialists and trained doctors.

These doctors are fully trained to carry out pancreatic surgeries, like the Whipple’s procedure, surgery for chronic pancreatitis, and distal pancreatectomy.

All pancreatic surgeries are carried out robotically or laparoscopically at Max Healthcare.

Whipple Procedure

In the Whipple procedure, surgeons remove the head of the pancreas, bile duct’s lower end, and duodenum’s upper end. Additionally, they connect the pancreatic duct, stomach, and bile duct with the small intestine.

The Whipple procedure is done if the pancreatic cancer is recoverable and no tumour cells are left in the pancreas. It is not effective if this cancer has spread throughout the body organs.

Phases Of Pancreatic Cancer

There are four phases of pancreatic cancer – stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, and stage 4. In stage 1, the tumour cells grow approximately 2 cm to 4 cm and do not spread in the body. In the next stage, tumour cells increase above 4 cms, spreading in the surrounding organs.

The tumour cells get spread around the pancreas in stage 3, and in stage 4, it gets spread in all body organs.

Pancreatic cancer is majorly caused due to smoking. Smoking, diabetes, genetic syndromes, obesity, and chronic inflammation of the pancreas are the risk factor that may increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. If you have diabetes, a habit of smoking, and eat unhealthy food, you may develop such cancer.

Therefore, to prevent the chance of developing pancreatic cancer, you must stop smoking, eat healthy food, and maintain a healthy weight.


Max Healthcare hospital has doctors for whipple surgery in india. You must visit this hospital and consult one of the top pancreatic cancer specialists.

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