What does the mask on your face tell you?

Earlier this week, photographer Jenny Walton wore a red Prada mask. Since late March, Walton in New York City has been conducting extensive home inspections-usually using simple mats donated by Masks4Medicine. But Prada’s is a bit different. In the instructions printed in a straight line, she used a cotton swab to leave a hole to insert the filter. She also left a small mark on the logo and placed it under her chin.


The results are amazing and elegant, but Walton insists that motivation is health and safety, not fashion. She said that the important thing is to get people’s attention, show them to people who are pursuing good careers and encourage them to stay witty.

During the communication process, wearing the brand logo on your face may mislead some people. (I have seen people who own the famous brands Gucci, Balenciaga, and Chanel.) This can be a fascinating and inappropriate thing, especially when many people, including health professionals, lack personal protective equipment. But CDC forced Americans to wear public gloves with adults face mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus, it is necessary to become an aesthetic self-expression

From a public health perspective, no matter what your face looks like, it doesn’t matter where you got it or how you did it. It is important to wear practical clothes. In other words, this is the face we are talking about-our first form of self-expression. This is what we use to distinguish each other, and what computers use to identify us. It must be overwritten now. You naturally want to find a job. Trying something maybe, but many people wearing a mask on their beautiful face may be a small (and safe) way and can alleviate the terrible situation-your personal feeling, and not just a carrier of viral diseases.

Others are looking for ways to come. Keep your feelings while protecting those around you. Shirley Raines, founder of the charity Beauty2theStreetz, which provides food, baths, hair and color, makeup, and homelessness for the slides in Los Angeles Walk home


On average every day, you will see light rain coming from a mile. Her hair and makeup are always colored and shiny. Her veil is endless. She has a diamond inlaid on her upper and lower lips and several noses. She said that the mask covered “everything that made me feel like Shirley.” But she knew that she had to wear a piece of clothing when distributing food and supplies to the homeless, and now she is in her car this way.

“God, she is so beautiful.” Rains said, still clinging to her bloody face, wearing a second mask for greater protection. “I’m still here to help our community and sensitive people, but what style and taste should I bring? Self-expression has always helped me in the dark. No matter what happens, it’s all about me and it will never change.”

For many artists with the theme of New York, the masks they make are beautiful to themselves and ultimately to their friends and others. This is a natural move. They just want to leave home, and what they do becomes an extension of their personal identity.

Take designer Ellen Van as an example. She is famous for her printed, colorful, and hand-painted designs. She wears a mask on the fabric she lies on: mixed Flowers. She said that a mask with a little eye shadow can relieve emotions. “I went to buy pizza the other day and the man on the table laughed. If you have to wear some scary clothes, it might also make it more beautiful.”

Masks are Really Not a Fashion Statement

Another designer based in New York, Dallas-based Hanley (Hanley) wears a mask with tape, bows, and tape on it. She said: “In my opinion, I can do something productive,” she recently lost her part-time job. For me, this is an opportunity to enjoy different situations. She started selling them on Instagram, valued at $23.

Nevertheless, there are still many modern people who are more interested in performance than current models. “For me, masks are really not a fashion statement; it is a must,” said Susie Bubble, also known as Susie Bubble, a clothing writer. She said: “I appreciate all the efforts made by a creator and designer for all DIY masks, but if I tell the truth, I am confident in the operation.”

They are still new to the US, but not new, but in many Asian countries, masks are regarded as a public duty and daily necessity. People wear it for health reasons, but also protect it from dust and sun. When I visited Hong Kong and Vietnam during my holiday in December, I was confident to wear it first. However, when I entered to make me feel as if I was gone.

Fast forward to February, when I flew from Milan to an Italian city, I was wearing the same mask. Since then, in Europe and the United States, faces are often symbols of fear, and you can see them in the eyes of people behind them.

In March, when it became clear that the coronavirus would pose a global threat, French fashion designer Marine Serre happened to send a lunar eclipse down at the end of the fall of 2020 after the end of the world. Mask-a a type of surgical operation in which the character will be handed over a symbol of fear and caution. Fashion has always been to reveal the reality of the future and the reality that people cannot imagine, but at that moment, the two merge into a turbulent form: no one thinks that Judgment Day will come soon.

Now, facing the appearance of fashionable equipment is not only an inevitable future but also a memory from more time. Remember the Billie Eilish in January from Gucci to Grammys?

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