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Wear White Contacts to Create Scary Looks

Dressing up into your favorite character has become effortless today, thanks to the advancements in technology and new costumes available in the market. Moreover, we owe it to top contact lenses brands that have brought a revolutionary twist by creating so many cool colors and textures. Of course, makeup plays a vital role too.

It is safe to state that the increase of costume lenses such as white contact lenses has played a crucial role in transforming cosplays, Halloween as well as dress-up party looks.

The most popular colors this year were white and red lenses. Hence, whether you need a quick and easy transformation or a full fledge themed look, here’s a complete guide on using white colored lenses.

Different White Contacts to choose from

Let us begin by discussing different types of white colored lenses available in the market. You can choose your favorite to create haunting characters accordingly.

Mesh White Lenses
Mesh contact lenses cover the entire iris and pupil. Interestingly just like the name depicts, mesh lenses have a small grid-like pattern and give off a very cool effect. Moreover, since they are patterned, they completely cover your natural eye color whether it is dark or light. They will showcase a light bluish to gray result.

Block White Lenses
The block lenses own a solid one tone white color. Apparently, they reside nicely over the iris and do not show your natural eye color. Even if you have dark brown eyes, white contacts will cover the original color completely. However, the hole over the pupil will show a black dot, helping you see just like any other lenses.

These lenses give off a very scary, sinister look.

Pattern or outlined Lenses
Patterned white lenses usually have a nice thick outline, mostly black which is perfect for various Halloween looks. If you want to create a nice undead corpse look or an infected creature look, these patterned lenses are perfect for you.

Which looks can you create with white lenses?

While the possibilities are endless, it is safe to say that white contacts are super scary and unique. If you dare to scare, use your favorite white lenses and create one of the looks below.

Vanya Hargreeves: The Umbrella Academy
The Umbrella Academy stormed the internet when it became one of the most popular comic series. The fans recreated their favorite looks from the list of characters playing in the show and made all costume parties interesting.

Vanya Hargreeves apparently has the strongest powers in the series and all the girls love dressing up like her. Interestingly, her look isn’t complete without white coloured contacts.

Simply create the same look by:

  • wearing block glass white contacts
  • Do dark smokey eyes
  • Wear white foundation
  • Keep your lips nude
  • Open your hair and create a middle partition
  • Wear a black tie suit

Yin Yang Look

Not only is this out-of-the-box but it is totally unique. Create a yin yang look by simply:

  • Wearing one white lens and one 22mm black sclera lens
  • Paint half your face white while keeping the other half black
  • Create a nice, thunder striking line in the middle of the face
  • Do the same for your lips and you are good to go

Valak: The Nun

The Nun was a horror movie which was a prequel of the famous The Conjouring. The movie gained an immense fan following for one of the characters named Valak. This scary possessed nun became everyone’s top pick for Halloween and Valak has the same effect even today.

Interestingly, the costume is easy to create. All you need is a black nun gown. The game changes as soon as you do your eerie makeup and add a pair of white lenses to the mix.

  • Take white cream based paint or foundation to cover your entire face.
  • Leave out the orbital area for later.
  • Take a brown contour color to create shadows on your temples and the jaw bone.
  • Take black eye shadow to cover your entire lids as well as lightly color around the eyes for a scary look.

Wear white contacts and add black kohl to the eyes.

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