Traditional Ways to Celebrate New Year around the world

The new year is the time to celebrate and bring in the best moments in your life. It is the time to forget all the hassles and worries of life and ring in the New Year’s eve with excitement and enthusiasm. Whether you are welcoming the new year from a foreign destination or your home, you can always celebrate this time with your family and friends and wish for a safe and happy future. Every country has its tradition, and even every family has tradition. So let’s have a look at the standard practices throughout the world on New Year’s eve. You can also adopt in your to stay connected to the roots and bring luck and charm into your life. When you welcome the change of the calendar with these unique cultures, you can indeed uniquely celebrate the new year!


Welcome the new year with the custom of eating 12 grapes. Each grape stands for each month of the year. 

It is eaten at the Midnight Hour on the New Year’s eve. It represents good luck charm. You won’t believe that people gather in large crowds in Spain, particularly Madrid and Barcelona. You can also perform this ritual with your family and bring in the happy days with the coming new year.


On the eve of the new year, you can carry empty suitcases around the block! This is the New year’s tradition in Colombia. People grab the empty bags and go around the streets only in hopes to travel to newer destinations in the coming new Year destinations. This would be a fun-filled activity that makes your celebrations memorable. Don’t forget to capture these moments filled with laughter.


 Greet the new year in the style of Denmark. People have a tradition to smash plates against the door of family and friends to banish evil spirits. People believe that this right away drives away the bad energy and brings in the positivity. Well, while this sounds a little crazy. You would want to wish new year to your friends and family and hope for a prosperous future. So this would be an excellent way to leap into the next year with good luck and healthy relationships.


Scotland celebrates the new year in a unique way. They practice the first footing. The first person who crosses the threshold of their home in the New Year should carry a gift for luck. This brings prosperity. Celebrate this new year with your loved ones. Get together with friends and have a Bonfire ceremony. Beautify the coming year by singing and dancing along to make merry.


The Greeks have a unique tradition of hanging an onion on the front of their homes on the new year’s eve. This becomes the symbol of the rebirth of the new year. Welcome the latest chapters of 365 days with an onion. The onion absorbs all the negative energy at your home. It attracts the most awaited happiness and cheers in your life. Use this Greek tradition to share some smiles with friends and family. Decorate your front door with beautiful flowers ordered from online flower bouquet delivery.


You can welcome the new vibes and new beginnings into your life in the Philippines style on the New Year’s eve. They use coins as a symbol of prosperity in the coming year. fill in the dining tables with piles of fruit, significantly 12 round fruits and relish them at the Midnight Hour. They also have a tradition to wear Polka dots dresses for luck. When you are ready with this tradition to be performed, you can have the new year’s day cake with your family and friends to complete the celebrations.


The Japanese ring bells at the Midnight Hour, they have a tradition of ringing Bells in the Buddhist temples. Not just made a dozen times but 108 times. This is a symbol of human desires. 

The Buddhist tradition helps to dispel all the negative emotions and worries in life. The Japanese use this ritual to fulfil their human desires in the coming year. Try this out for yourself and be ready to bring in a prosperous new year. You can order cakes and Flowers to welcome New Year.


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