Top 6 TV Series Characters to Cosplay

Top 6 TV Series Characters to Cosplay

Superheroes at cosplays are so 70s! Now, it’s time for our favorite TV characters to take over them. Honestly speaking, people have made superheroes from both universes so mainstream. No matter what party you hit, there will always be a Captain America or a Batman already present. And not our fault, though, the superheroes’ Cosplay Jackets look so irresistibly cool! Anyhow, let’s get back to the topic and imitate some of the greatest TV series characters in the upcoming cosplay.


The most sarcastic and awkward guy ever, Chandler Bing, is not unknown to anyone. Being the most stable one (financially, only) among the six FRIENDS, he has been making our dark days lit up with his charming smile and jokes. Monica is lucky! Although his childhood was not what someone could wish for, he has surely come out as a confident enough person who dared to propose a strong woman like Monica. Not being the most stylish one, he has still aced all the ‘90s fashion like a real fashionista.

To cosplay him, all you need is a whole vintage appearance. If you want to imitate the ordinary Chandler look, then get a full-sleeved denim shirt, a pair of khaki pants, and a brown checkered vest — all a size up than your regular. Slip-on white sneakers and complete the look. Now look in the mirror and imitate your Chandler accent. Could you look any MORE Chandler? You can also imitate his conic Pink Bunny look by wearing a loose bunny costume and take a fake carrot with you to the party.


The head of the ruling gang of Birmingham, Thomas Shelby, might have caused fear in you as well. The former soldier from the TV series, Peaky Blinders is filled with all the intelligence and cleverness. He has kept the police officers on their feet and all the maestros of the government. He can do anything for the people he cares about, majorly his business and family. So, if you want to attain an intimidating criminal look in this cosplay, then gather all the sadness in your eyes and seriousness on your face. 

Now, get the signature Thomas Shelby wool suit in grey color and layer it with a blue-colored pea coat. Wear a white-colored shirt underneath the suit with a clipped tie in the same tone of grey. Add all the accessories now. Start with the signature Peaky Blinders’ tweed hat, add a pocket watch on your waist, and complete the look with black dress shoes. Remember to practice that British accent and have that military-man hair cut before hitting the party!


The coolest police officer in the NYPD from the TV series Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy Santiago is the most underrated character to cosplay. She has been usually overshadowed by her husband and colleague, Jake Peralta, at the cosplays, but how about being the intelligent police officer this year. She is always dressed nicely, and why not? Amy Santiago is the synonym for consistency, focus, and excellence! 

She always tries to compete with Jake and his seven brothers to prove herself, and if you have an Amy inside you, then buckle up; you will be a police officer this year! Get a formal womens dress suit in black color with a one-toned blouse. Accessorize the look with a black leather belt, an NYPD police badge, and don’t forget the handcuffs — you don’t know how many criminals will come to the party.


Benedict Cumberbatch has defined the word elegance and class with his take on the popular detective, Sherlock Holmes, in the BBC original TV series of the same name. His complicated and extreme intelligence is evident from the way that he dresses. There is no doubt that he could deduct all the personality traits of other people from their outfits. His outfits show the typical British custom quite well by staying stuck with just monochromes and subtle colors.

Keep your look clean and tidy by wearing a full-length dress shirt in white or black. Layer it with a two-button suit and then with another layer of a wool coat. Keep the color of the suit and the coat complimentary, add a cashmere scarf in the same tone, and wear black dress shoes. That’s it; you are the best detective in the history of mankind! 


The most fun character of The Big Bang Theory, Howard Wolowitz in the center of mockery among his friends. Although he is a successful astronaut plus engineer, he doesn’t fail to impress people with his funky turtleneck outfits in the TV show. You can never see Howard without a turtleneck! So, imitate him at the cosplay party this year by getting a turtleneck in any pop color. Get a plaid shirt and jeans in the same color, add a white leather belt having Star Wars characters as the buckle, and give people a good laugh at the party!


Wassup, it’s Jesse Pinkman here! Our favorite junkie from the TV series Breaking Bad is back, and this time without any boss like Walter White. He is a professional meth manufacturer who has spent his life bearing all the hardships life has thrown at him. The guy was unpredictable! But one thing was sure about him, and there would be no one who is as compassionate towards kids and women as him. He is always dressed in a free-style way wearing loose and baggy outfits. 

Remember to get everything in size bigger than your original. First of all, get temporary tattoos on your body. Then get a beanie in a yellow and grey striped design and a plain black shirt with some gangster graphics. Pair the shirt with black baggy pants and layer it with a yellow-colored hoodie or a yellow Cosplay Jacket. Complete the look with sneakers, and if in the mood, then wear a pink gas mask. Say the B-word more often in your talks and yes, carry a pouch of blue candies with you to the party (you know what it means!)

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