Top 5 Treks In Himachal .


Trekking is one of the most audacious sport known till date. It is generally preferred by people who love to uncover the nature and its beauty. Besides being a sport, its is also treated as a hobby and has various health benefits including the aspects of your mental, physical and social well being. It is proven to be a stress buster and has helped people to cope up from the phases of depression. Except for these mental benefits, trekking helps people in increasing their retainity power and make them immune to the harsh conditions like extreme cold, hot or rain. Adding to these,inculcation of sportsmanship , spirit of achieving goals , power to stay more focused are all the social benefits one can relish. 

India, being the county of diverse religion is also a hub of flamboyant peaks that challenges you to bring the best out of you. It has a multi textured terrain with dense forests, cliffs, snowy hills and what not. In summers the temperature usually rise upto 30-40oC and in the winters it falls down to  -10 to-18oC, varying largely from one range to another. It has one of the most exigent peaks of the world that inspires the huge population to make the trekking enthusiast inside them rejoice its most prepossessing and testing hikes. 

Some of the excellent peaks of India are :

  1. Triund trek, Mcleodganj : Triund, is an admirable hill station in Kangra, himachal. It is  comparatively an easier trek. It is the one generally advised to beginners as it includes gradual to steep ascents. This trek either initiates from Triund itself or Bhagsu nag, a nearby village famous for its Bhagsunag waterfall, depending on what the trekker chooses for. This trek encounters the most picturesque, white, Dhauladhar ranges. All the trekking enthusiasts are offered Alpine tent camping to have the most wholesome experience. You can reach here by Roadways, Railways or Airways.


  1. Hampta pass trek, Manali: Hampta trek is named after a village Hampta, that lies in a region that is 1400 feet high namely Pir Panjal. It has an easy to moderate difficulty level. This trip starts from Manali to Chika via Jobra. It is a relaxing trek that gives you astonishing views. It is a trek of around 4 days. It engulfs places like Manali, Chika, Jobra,Bhalu ka ghera,Siagoru,Chatru,Chandratal lake etc.


  1. Bhrigu lake trek, Manali: This trek is again a beginner friendly trek. It doesn’t give you the adrenaline rush but leaves in the awe of its beauty. It is treated as a holy place as well as it has been the home to Bhrigu Maharishi. The most spectacular thing about this trek is the bhrigu lake. 


  1. Pin parvati pass trek, Spiti: Rising up the beginner’s level, and to give you some adrenaline rush is this trek. It is one of the most energizing and back breaking trek and takes almost 9 days to complete. It challenges your stamina but the scenic beauties are all worth the endurance.


  1. Sar Pass Trek, Kasol : Again, if you think of yourself as a hunk and a true trekking enthusiast in literal meanings, this is the ideal trek for you. It challenges you to push your limits. You will bump into the most alluring pine trees and vibrant flowers there that will all be worth the muscular pains that you might have at the end of trek.


  1. Nag Tibba Trek, Himalaya : Nag Tibba trek to the Serpent’s peak  is  9,915 ft high and is awarded as the highest peak in the lesser Himalyan region or the Garhwal Division. The trek initiates at Dehradun and ends at the relishing Nag Tibba Base Camp through the Pantwari region.  It is a 4 km long trek and takes almost 2 days which makes it beginner friendly. It shelters admirable and easy on the eye peaks like Kedarbath, Gangotri and also the divine Nag Tibba Temple.


Along with enjoying your heart out during the trek, one must take care of things like:


  1. Always keep an experienced person with you.
  2. Start to have a good diet a few weeks prior to your trek to improve your immunity and strength
  3.  Start to workout before your trek to increase stamina
  4. Always carry a first aid kit while trekking.


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