Things to do in the Brahmatal Trek



The Bhrahmatal trek is among the few treks that are accessible in the peak winter months, i.e. January and February. Brahmatal has lovely forests, two lakes and a beautiful meadow. The entire trail is covered with snow in peak winters. The trek being a moderate one provides difficulties along with the opportunity to experience the beauty. One should therefore be well prepared for the trek. Brahmatal trek is amongst the rare high-altitude treks of India accessible in the winter months. It gives the best views of Mt Trishul and Nanda Ghunti from very close, making it the best winter trek for adventure and nature lovers.

The various activities that one can do at the trek are described below:


  • Nature Photography:


The Brahmatal trek has some of the most mesmerizing and mystical views of the Himalayas with its several peaks. The sheer experience of treading by the natural landscapes is marvellous in itself. Thus, it is best to stop for a while, soak in these amazing sights and capture some in your lens.

  • Stargazing from campsites:


During the trek, you get to spend nights in tents at certain campsites. The clean and pollution-free air at these altitudes makes you able to witness the night skies at their best. From the tents, you can gaze at the sky with billions of twinkling stars. If lucky enough, you may also be able to witness the galaxy from there. 

  • Mountaineering:


The Brahmatal trek, situated at about 12,000 feet high up in the Himalayas, is popular among mountaineers from round the world. It offers an adventurous mix of tough trails and enchanting beauty, making it amongst the most sought-after treks in the whole world. Located in the gigantic Himalayas, this trek is covered with considerable levels of snow, offering some of the most spectacular visuals of the surrounding landscapes.

  • River Rafting:


If you go via the route through Rishikesh for the trek, you get the opportunity to go river rafting in Rishikesh. Rishikesh means ‘Lord of the Senses’, the Rishis and the Gods; and is considered pious. The Ganges, one of the rivers most sacred to Hindus, flows through this divine place and adds exceptionally to its beauty. Rafting here provides to you a bundle of enthusiasm and wonderful experiences. 

  • Meeting the local people:


Lying in the Garhwal area of Uttarakhand, a North-Indian state, the Brahmatal region has unique local culture, historical importance and religious believes. These qualities make it unique and different from the rest of the Uttarakhand. The people here have a lifestyle that showcases this rich heritage. These locals are very honest, simple and shy persons consisting mostly of Rajputs, Brahmins and Harijans.


  • Traipsing through the woods:


Walk through the oak, rhododendron and fir forests during your trek. A large part of the trek is covered by forests, providing you with the opportunity of a breath-taking forest walk. Walking besides tall fir trees, old oak trees and beautiful rhododendron forests is an eye-soothing experience.

  • Skiing and Playing in the snow:


The Brahmatal lake is completely frozen and provides to you the perfect opportunity of skiing in winters. From December to February, there is snow everywhere here, making the trek much more beautiful. This also gives you the opportunity to play in the snow, spending a good time at the stops. By January and February, this lake is totally frozen, giving you the perfect view to go along with the surrounding oak forests.

  • Watching Sunrise and Sunset: 


Towards the western part of the horizon, the colours of the sun at dusk light up the sky. It is a surprise treat to the viewers to watch the colours of the sky changing from yellow to orange to pinkish to bluish. The sunrises and sunsets in the autumn are the most vibrant. This is especially true for Tilandi campsite, for the simple reason that it is located on the ridge. Words fall short, but watching the sunset at Tilandi is no less than a magical experience. The sun sets here splashing vibrant crimson hues across the skies. The sunrise here is golden, watchable from the other side, early in the morning.

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