What will be the future of smart TVs?

Television technology, like other forms of technological advancements, has been continuously evolving over the past few years. Besides the great strides in higher-resolution televisions, various smart TVs have also been launched in the market.

These devices are also available in different sizes. For instance, if you are looking for the most affordable options, you can very well check out the 32-inch LED TV price. In 2019, India experienced a considerable growth of around 25% in demand for smart television sets.

It, in turn, promoted an industry-wide growth as well. Here’s a look at the prospects of these television technologies in the coming years.

Future of smart televisions

Smart TVs are already popular products in the Indian market. Nevertheless, the higher pricing for most of these models is holding back the smart TV industry as of now. As time passes, more companies would launch entry-level smart television sets, which are expected to replace regular televisions available today fast.

The growth and popularity of video streaming platforms is also set to drive the smart TV segment. Due to such OTT platforms, content viewership is up for a remarkable transformation. Previously, an individual would turn on the TV to check what was being aired. Today, with smart televisions, one gets to pick the exact movie or series he/she wishes to watch.

With 5G internet connectivity around the corner, data speed limitations would also become a thing of the past. At such a time, a smart 32-inch LED TV price would be justifiable. For bigger display models, you can always rely on innovative financial instruments like a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. These cards come with a significant pre-sanctioned credit limit, enabling users to purchase durable goods of their choice without restrictions.

The financing option comes with pre-approved offers to reduce the hassles and time involved with credit applications. These offers are also available on a wide range of products, including personal loans, credit cards, etc. You can check your pre-approved offer by submitting some essential details, such as full name and phone number.

Reasons for the popularity of smart TVs

Major TV brands in India have already launched smart television options in the market. If you are wondering how such TVs benefit you, here are some aspects to consider –

  • Smart TVs allow you to view content at your leisure
    In a regular television, you are restricted to viewing the different channels, all of which stick to a fixed schedule.
    If your favourite show, game or movie is scheduled at an odd time as per the schedule, you would be left with no option but to miss it.Smart TVs, nevertheless, rule out such issues. Here, you can conveniently choose what to watch, when to watch, and how to watch.With access to online video streaming platforms, such TVs not only enable viewers to pick the show but also allow them to pause, skip, and rewind shows as per their wish.
  • Let your smartphone control your TV
    A common issue faced by television owners around the globe is misplacing their TV remote constantly. While a basic issue, its prevalence has made it a constantly surfacing worry among users. A smart TV resolves this struggle once and for all. Even though these television sets arrive with a remote, users can also use specialised applications on their phones to control TV functionalities without needing to do so with a remote.If you want to take advantage of such features, you can check models in the smart 32-inch LED TV price segment online for a better purchase plan. However, if you desire a bigger smart TV option with better resolution displays, you may need to shell out a significant amount.Fortunately, being a Bajaj Finserv EMI Network member is highly beneficial in this regard. It would allow members to pick any TV from any of the TV brands in India without facing financial difficulties as they can repay the same in No-Cost EMIs over a tenure extending up to 24 months.

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