The University of Bologna that was established in 1088 and also is the oldest university in constant operation in Europe is located in Italy. Italian higher education system is remarkable which is based on scientific method, creative strategy, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Italy has excelled in academic fields of architecture, science, engineering, applied sciences, arts and sciences.

International students prefer study in Italy because historic aura, beautiful landscape, higher excellent instruction and diversity of civilization. The students planning to pursue their higher education degrees in Italy can have a through idea of overall study overseas requirements in Italy by the guide below:

The prerequisites for admissions in Italy are distinct for EU nationals and NON-EU nationals. Study in Italy for Pakistani students willing to get admissions for under grad or post graduate program at an Italian University might have to enroll a Pre-Application Request into the Italian consulate in their home country. The Italian Consulate will take the Pre-Application Form of the applicant as well as the additional admissions process will begin.

The admissions submissions begin from March to July. After approval of Pre Application Form, the Consulate issues a document (“Dichiarazione di valore in loco”,) announcement of validity. You then will consult the global Student Office of your chosen university on the internet or sometimes the embassy can forwards the application itself. The university will send an email and request enrollment documents. The registration and merit requirements may be different according to your level program concerning which you can take information from the Italian University you have chosen for admission.

After obtaining acceptance letter from college the procedure for pupil’s visa begins . The type of visa applicable to you depends upon your duration of stay for your academic program you’ve taken admissions in. The Consulate will Request the following documents for student’s visa in Italy:

Documents required for application

Two recent passport-size photographs

A First Travel document valid for at least three weeks following visa

Acceptance Letter By University/Enrollment Certificate or pre-enrollment at a college course

A Document proving that you have arranged a lodging in Italy

A Document / / Bank Statement demonstrating that You’ve Got financial aid (at least 448,07 a month to the academic year, a total of $5824,91 per year);

A Proof of sufficient insurance coverage to medical care and hospitalization

Language Proficiency Test Passing Certificate to Show That you have adequate knowledge of English or Italian based on the terminology of the program you have taken admission in

As you arrive in Italy, you must apply for a resident permit within 8 days of arrival. The Residence Permit Information Can Be Obtained From POLICE HEADQUARTERS (QUESTURA) At as Soon as You Enter Italy. A Copy of Your Residence Permit Will Also be Submitted in the Nearest POLICE HEADQUARTERS (QUESTURA) At The City You’re Intended To Stay. This residence permit will function as work permit to the part time jobs and permit you to freely move in the country.

Italy hosts a significant number of pupils from all around the world every year. There are all kinds of student lodging in Italy. You’re able to reside in hostels, dorm rooms, shared flats, apartments and studio flats in cheap price.

Approximate Living Expenses for a Student in Italy Home (a month)

Personal single area: 600 – 800$

Electronic card for public transportation train or bus: 10$ (first problem )

Single trip ticket in public transportation bus or train: 1,50$

Daily ticket for public transportation bus or bus: 4,50$


Steak in cafes: 10$

Dinner in restaurant: 30 – 50$

Pakistani Student tasks in Italy

The pupils living in Italy for finishing their levels could operate part time 4 hours every day. The minimal per hour wage is 7 Euros. It is possible to work around 4 hours every day and 20 hours every week. So with this calculation you may make around 140 Euros weekly and 560 Euros per month. Students may get all sort of tasks in Italy from internships to tasks in pubs, restaurants and resorts. Pupils having a resident license of Italy don’t want a work permit to work part time in Italy. Pupils having a control over English language have a fantastic capacity to make decent sum of money in Italy.

The pupils having done TEFL course may perform part time work in academic and school associations. What’s more, there are a range of top rated multinational firms in Italy in which you may make an application to get an un-paid internship if your aim is to completely upraise worthiness of your CV and gain expertise. Some companies also provide paid internship to efficient and skilled pupils. In Italy you can make enough to support your own day to day costs particularly in summer time when tourists from all over the world travel to Italy to bask in sunlight and enjoy in Italian shores.

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