Skills To Become A Data Scientist

Skills To Become A Data Scientist:

Data Science has become a necessity in today’s world. Big data throws light on how a particular industry is working and will work in the future. Data gathered has worked as a source of knowledge in various industries. Data Scientists are in demand everywhere. with the help of data science online training at 3RI Technologies, become a data scientist expert.

From Google to Zomato, from Microsoft to Amazon, all are in dire need of skilled Data Scientist. So here I am listing down the skills set required to become a Data Scientist.

Some important Non-Technical Skills that a Data Scientist requires are:

  1. Deep insight into business:

To use the technical tools in the right way one has to a deep understanding of the business. With the quality of business understanding, Data Scientists can solve the problems easily and help the organization in facing the challenges that are hurdles in the growth of the organization. This quality in Data Scientist helps the organization to grow and reach out to new opportunities.

  1. Communication Skills:

The data scientist’s role is to gather, understand, and analyze data.  To be successful in their professional role and help the organization to be successful it is needed that the data analyzed should be properly communicated to other team members so that they can use the data efficiently.

  1. Data Intuition:

In data Science, field experience counts a lot. sometimes technical skills are left behind and non-technical experience comes into the picture. When the techniques used to analyze the data are not able to give a clear picture about the results required to derive the decisions then the data scientists who have gained knowledge with experience can help them to gain insight into the data which is not apparently visible. Hard work compensates here to become more and more efficient with time.

  1. Co-operation and Teamwork:

Data Scientists have to work with multiple company executives to develop marketing and other strategies that help organizations to be ahead of others. They are the strength of the organization and have to work together with other business executives to decide the goals that have to be reached in a particular time period. Data Scientists need to access the right approach to be taken to solve the issues. At times they have to interact with the customers also to discuss the data-related tasks. They need to communicate the data in a manner that everyone can understand.

Above mentioned technical and soft skills are needed to become a successful Data Science expert. It is recommended to join a prominent institute to acquire these skills. Having these skills will make sure a promising future in this field.

Some important Technical Skills that a Data Scientist requires are:

  • Python programming

Python is a powerful programming language that has been widely used in the field of Data Science. It provides a vast set of libraries and functions that help in performing machine learning activities. Also, Python is easy to learn and follows a simple syntax structure.

The basic understanding of conditional loops and advanced features of object-oriented programming with Python is a must to succeed as a Data Scientist.

It is also needed for the analysis of data by the use of the Panda function present in Python. This essentially helps in deriving consumer behavior or market information from the data.

  • Tableau for Data Visualization

A tableau is a popular tool used among Data scientists to create a story out of the data with the help of in-built libraries and charts. It offers a user-friendly interface and a simple drag-drop option to programmers.

  • Machine Learning

Machine learning is essential to make predictions of market trends. Say for example you can predict how many visitors will shop from my website in the next month by analyzing the customer data for the previous month.

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