Shearling Jackets From Origin To The Present

Shearling Jackets — From Origin To The Present!

Change in weather can be overwhelming… especially when you experience a sudden drop in temperature. Autumn always leaves as a surprise, and when it happens, you have to quickly switch from cotton and bomber jackets to Mens Shearling Jacket as now is the right time to don these jackets without sweating (FINALLY!). A shearling jacket is a blanket that keeps you warm while giving you the sexiest look. The addition of shearling lining can do wonders with every jacket; every jacket will become more stylish and toasty, from leather to suede.

As long as the weather is frigid cold and you don’t have to push your boundaries, nothing is better than a shearling jacket. Shearling has the warmth and sophistication of a puffer coat, class of a trench coat, and virile dominance of a leather jacket. Shearling is the material that makes any jacket a badass one by making the linings so warm and cozy than any other material in the world. Shearling jackets are made up of wool from sheep and lambs.

Man and animal hide are related for so long… from the Stone Age, man has been hunting down animals to feast their meat and don their skins. Though, has it ever occurred to you exactly from where a shearling jacket originated? Let’s take you on the ride to the past so that you can have a look at the origin of your favorite jacket.


People usually think that shearling was the official wear for pilots; they invented it, but Homo sapiens from the Stone Age are the ones who adored the softness and snugness of sheepskin, which later became the reason for the production of shearling. Decade’s back European military aviators took shearling jackets to the skies and beyond. Shearling bomber jackets became the most worn jackets for pilots because they were protective and lightweight. Shearling aviator jackets were also used during the world war era.


Though after being the military gear, shearling jackets have started becoming more appealing with each passing day. Their styling has no boundaries. With being the most protective layer, they have started making their way into the life of people. B-3 bomber jackets were fabricated with leather and features tabs that will work against the wind.

It has neck straps and length till the waist, which will protect your upper body easily. Gradually, b3 jackets started gaining fame in pop culture. The fact that this jacket has officially become the official badass gear for the protagonists in the movies makes it deserve an IMDB page. The top entree would be Blade Runner 2049, with Ryan Gosling’s pretty cool and kickass black shearling jacket.

While putting more into the bucket is Marlon Brando in the Waterfront — astonishing performance with an aesthetically cool jacket. Well, competing with Marlon isn’t easy, but James Dean did an awesome job in Giant with a ranch coat. Steve Buscemi, with his character in Fargo, is going to take this list further. Not to mention the second biggest nemesis Batman ever had — Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.

Bane looked fierce and horrifying in his shearling trench coat, while Robert Redford’s Chappellet donned a shearling jacket with such calmness in downhill Racer. Shearling also played a great role in Rocky brave Philadelphia’s Atlantic bite, and it also helped Steve McQueen is looking damn hot in The War Lover.

Not to forget Tom Cruise’s famous Maverick outfit, a b-3 aviator jacket that made its name after the release of Top Gun. Badges and logos on this jacket created a different fandom. No wonder shearling has gotten its way to the screen, and till now, it is considered the most stylish attire for winter gear and movie wear.


With the increase in the demand for shearling jackets, manufacturers have started making changes in it. Man has evolved, and so does the machinery that helped make shearling jackets in a better way with many enhancements. The shearling we have today has come a long way… now it is polishing every jacket. It has started as a sheepskin jacket, and now from jackets to accessories, shearling is everywhere. The most common types of shearling jackets are:

Denim Shearling/Sherpa Jacket:

Starting with the most casual item of the shearling family, the denim shearling jacket. Shearling inside in denim is made up of Sherpa instead of wool for a lighter and less bulky look as Sherpa is manufactured from acrylic, cotton, or sometimes polyester. Denim Sherpa jackets are best to don as casual wears as they are lightweight, and also, they won’t be adding any fanciness to your outfit; they will polish it.

Suede Shearling Jacket:

Suede is not the right material for the rainy season as it can be ruined by the absorbed water. It might shrink and discolor in contact with a lot of rain or water. Though other than rainy seasons, suede shearling jackets are the classiest addition to one’s wardrobe. For a proper semi-formal look to your work, you can easily go with the suede shearling jacket. Suede is already a warm piece of fabric and added shearling details would give it the warmth of a big hug.

Leather Shearling Jacket:

Leather is the only material that looks best in every style. From leggings to jackets, leather is rocking its way to success. Added shearling collar to a leather jacket will make it more attention-grabbing and fancy yet badassery. For a perfect cocktail party look, a leather shearling jacket over a subtle outfit is the way to go.

B-3 Bomber Jacket:

Any list of Mens Shearling Jackets will be incomplete if the b3 bomber jacket is not in it. This jacket was the start of the golden era of shearling jackets. A shearling collar on a bomber jacket will fulfill your every desire regarding your look. Bomber shearling jackets are a wholesome addition to any wardrobe, and from casual to formal, they are going to rock your wardrobe style.

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