Return Of Corduroy Trendy Corduroy Jackets To Rock

Return Of Corduroy: Trendy Corduroy Jackets To Rock!

Mens Corduroy Jackets might make you think about dads, professors, granddads, librarians, and old men. Though long gone are the days when this fuddy-duddy, soft, sober, and the classiest fabric was associated with ol’ pals, now, designers have liberated from fixed rules, and corduroy is returning. Corduroy is BACK! And this time it is not limited to loose-fitted trousers only.

Corduroy is the most flexible material, and now it can be constructed in any element from your wardrobe. The most multipurpose material ever was first known as ‘Manchester fabric,’ this cloth was named by considering working-class people from the British city as they used to wear uniforms produced by corduroy material. Now corduroy is being incorporated by everyone in the industry to give it new styles.

It has evolved into suits, dresses, shirts, bottoms, shoes, and jackets with new pops of colors and designs. On the one hand, corduroy jackets are taking down the world by being the new sensation among trends. Forget everything you may have heeded about shoes, and your jacket is the main element that gets noticed by people. This is the time to give corduroy’s versatility a chance by adding corduroy jackets to your wardrobe for a rugged yet luxurious look at the same time.

This is the era where your clothing not only covers you but also decides your fate. Ill-fitted and ill-mannered outfits will only reflect you as someone who doesn’t even know how to dress properly. Corduroy jackets are back to polish up your rough style with a magic wand, and here is how you should style a corduroy jacket.


Corduroy jackets are not limited to only one style so styling them depends on their cut and design. As corduroy jackets serve both as the mid-layer and outer layer, you have to be careful while picking them. You can don them with any jacket, and if you are brave enough to push your boundaries, then a corduroy jacket would also work best with corduroy bottoms.

Before going to the corduroy jacket’s type and styles, keep these two factors in mind before buying a corduroy jacket. The first one is the wales or cords — corduroy material has ridges, and they vary among different styles — to consider the wale means looking for the quantity of ridges on one inch. This will decide how formal or informal the jacket is going to be.

Another factor to look for is the color of this jacket, as corduroy cloth has a texture that holds hues and shows them in shimmery ways in the sunlight. Take an in-depth look at your wardrobe before buying any color; will that color go with many outfits or not? Black is the timeless color that is never going to leave your side; neither is it going to leave any outfit.

Though black is more of a formal color, you should go with the bottle green, brown, and kinds burgundy hues for casual looks. Earthy tones, rusty colors, shades of blue, and khakis will work for both casual and formal. Now, here are some trendy styles in which corduroy jackets are appearing.


Corduroy Trucker Jacket!
This style of corduroy looks like denim — casual and subtle. If you want to look dope without wearing anything fancy and too showy, then a corduroy trucker jacket is all you need. This jacket will give you an exact look you are looking for. All you have to do is to tug out a pair of jeans and a cotton t-shirt and layer them with a trucker corduroy jacket for fall days. It is easy to layer a trucker corduroy jacket over a turtleneck for a subtle yet toasty look for cold winter days.

Cropped Corduroy Jacket!
A cropped version of every jacket turns out to be the sexiest one. A cropped corduroy jacket is also known as a bomber jacket, and it is the most useful addition to the corduroy jacket family. This jacket looks good on everyone regardless of age, gender, and body nature. Plus, it gives a finishing touch to your every outfit. You can don it with a pair of cropped mom jeans, a t-shirt, with sneakers, and when it is cold outside, throw a jumper of puffer under it to keep it cozy yet classy.

Corduroy Suit Or Blazer!
Corduroy blazer is the most used style of corduroy jacket. Despite corduroy being the material for ol’ homies, corduroy blazer still managed to make its way into the wardrobe of men at a certain age. The corduroy blazer might sound like the easiest one to style, but it will irritate you when you buy the wrong fit and design. A little mistake in buying can leave you looking like an elderly professor who will punish you for nothing.

Though, you can have it tailored. For comparatively warmer winter days, a corduroy blazer can easily replace a wool blazer. You can also go for a whole corduroy suit, but it is a tougher one to carry. However, a cord blazer over a formal button-down shirt and a pair of formal pants will rock your business casual attire. You can vary the color of the cord blazers for a new look, and if you are daring enough, go with a cord suit with a crisp shirt underneath.

Corduroy Worker Jacket!
If you are one of those who prefer their jackets casuals no matter what the occasion is, then a work corduroy jacket is your way to go. They have the simplest look with so many pockets to keep your essentials safe. The subtle style doesn’t affect its versatility and warmth, and you can typically wear these jackets with any outfit. Though over a pair of plaid shirts and jeans, this jacket will rock.

Corduroy Shirt!
Corduroy over shirt is not a part of the Mens Corduroy Jackets, and it is more likely a shirt which you can don on fall days. Though on frigid cold days, a corduroy overshirt will serve as the mid-layer of your outfit. With proper styling, you can wear it to parties, work, and the streets too.

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