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How to Install a Storm Door Screen Retractable 2021

All Seasons Retractable Screens provides fresh air for your home and preserves the outside view with single or double retractable doors. Our retractable screen door can be mounted on either side of your door opening. The doors will then easily pull together. When not in use, the doors fold into a sturdy, aluminum hold on the doorframe.

Our retractable screen door features a full-length magnetic strip that runs from top to bottom to provide a more secure middle latch, unlike other options. To prevent any damage from the door if an inadvertently walks in, our retractable screen doors feature a breakaway mechanism.


Retractable screen door features

There are two options for single and double French doors. Both can be inswing or outswing. You can relax, enjoy the fresh breeze, and sit back. Retractable screens doors let you open the world to your home, increase ventilation, and keep pests and dirt out.

All Seasons Retractable Screens has been an industry leader since 1995. They provide homeowners with high-quality retractable screening doors that outperform all the rest.


What makes All Seasons’ Retractable Screen Doors stand out?

All Seasons Retractable Screens (a division of Polar Shades Sun Control) is located in Las Vegas. We offer exceptional customer service and quality products.

A nationwide network of authorized dealers who have been factory-trained for installation. We believe uniformity is key to building trust with our customers. It allows them to know they will be treated with respect regardless of where they are.

Products of exceptional quality that will withstand the test and time. All Seasons products have a beautiful aesthetic appeal and ease of use. You’ll enjoy years of worry-free enjoyment.

Customer service excellence that goes beyond expectations in all interactions. We aim to exceed your expectations at all times, and it is this attribute that has helped us be so successful in the industry.


How do All Season’s retractable screen doors work?


Our screen door system is unique and adaptable. It allows us to create screens without altering the personal style of your home. We can fit screens to single doors or large openings like double French and French doors, thanks to our innovative design.

Single doors come with screens that glide effortlessly along their tracks. When the retractable screen door isn’t in use, it can be hidden into an aluminum housing that blends into the door frame. The screens, as well as the structures and protective housings, are attractive and don’t distract, so they can seamlessly blend into your home’s aesthetics.

retractable screen door

Double doors offer the same smooth handling and ease of use as smaller openings. Two-sided retractable screen doors are installed on each side of the beginning. They meet in the middle when the door approaches the intermediate stop. You can slide each door into the center using our Handle Lock System. Simply pull the handle gently. Each door retracts to its aluminum housing once it is no longer in use.

There are many benefits to owning a storm door with retractable screens. These include improved curb appeal and home circulation, as well as increased energy efficiency. But what happens if your screen doesn’t open or close properly? Glass Doctor is ready to help with any of your window screens.


How do retractable screens doors work?


Modern retractable screen door designs use a spindle to roll the material at the top or side. If the screen is rolled, this allows for a clear view through the window. You can also keep the screen rolled up to protect against constant wear.

Here are five steps to remove the spindle and reinstall it before you repair your retractable screen.

First, remove the screen from the glass. Use a screwdriver for loosening the screws at the top, where the screen meets the glass.

Continue to use your screwdriver to loosen all screws located at the top, where the screen and spindle are. This includes any hardware or screws that keep the top of the door from being attached to the spindle.

Simply follow the steps 1 to 4 backward in order to reinstall. Once everything is back in place, screw it into place and make sure it’s secure.

How to Install a Storm Door Screen Retractable

There are two main issues homeowners might face when using a retractable door screen: a ripped and a screen that won’t close or open. Here are some solutions to these problems.


How to Replace a Ripped Retractable screen

The only way to fix a ripped screen is to have it replaced completely. Retractable screens can become tense over time, so even a patched repair will not make it any better. You will also have a poor view from the screen’s door if you try to patch it. Here are the steps to install your new screen.

After taking the spindle out of its place, gently lift the old screening roll off the spindle.


How to Fix a Storm Door Screen that Will Not Open or Close


Screen tension may be the reason your storm door’s screen is unable to open or close. Your screen may not retract quickly if it isn’t tensioned enough. You have too much tension if your screen is difficult to retract.

Here’s how you can fix retractable screen tension problems


First, follow these steps to disconnect the spindle. Avoid unwinding the spindle if it is causing too much tension.


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