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What are Top Down, Bottom-Up Shades of Color?

Top-down top-up shades are adjustable from the bottom. They let you adjust your window coverings to meet both privacy and light needs. This guide will help determine the best top-down top-up shade styles and answer questions such as “What is top-down top-up shading?

What are Top Down, Bottom-Up Shades of Color?

Top-down top-up shades offer greater privacy and control over your window lighting. Top-down top-up shades are window treatments which can be adjusted from one direction or all three.

Top-down shades that are bottom-up can be used to allow in light, without compromising privacy, or to filter out the sun’s glare from your eyes. Even if your furniture blocks the view from a window, traditional shades can be much easier to open.

Consider adding top-down and bottom-up shades to the bathroom, ground floor, or any room where there is a lot of light coming in through pull down roller shades for windows.


How do Top Down Shades work?


Top-down shades that are bottom-up can be operated using a standard pull, continuous cord loop, motorized or cordless controls. A corded top–down, bottom-up shade will typically have a cord at each end. One cord raises the shade from the ground, while the other pulls down the shade from the top.

The cordless top/bottom-up shade with no cords has plastic tabs at both the top and the bottom. To lower your shade’s top, slide the tab downwards until it disconnects from its mounting rail. Once the shade has been placed in the best position for you, remove the tab.

To raise the shade’s top again, pull down the tab and attach it to your mounting rail. To raise or lower the shade bottom, pull up on the bottom tab or rail.

The floating rail’s strings are exposed when you lower the shade. Hanging pleats can be added to the top of your pull down roller shades for windows, although these strings won’t obstruct the view.

Another option is to choose a top-down style with a bottom-up shade. This will allow light in while concealing the supporting strings.

These are the top tips for choosing and installing your top down bottom-up shade.


Decide whether to install outside or inside mounting shades. Inside mount shades can be mounted inside the window frame. They create a unique look.

Outside mount shades attach to the wall and are suitable for windows that are too narrow for inside-mount shades. Outside mount shades are better at controlling light and privacy.

Measure the width of the window where you will be installing shades, regardless of whether they seem to be identical.

Measure the thickness of the window frame if you want to measure inside mount shades. To make sure that your window opening is square, measure diagonally from corner to corner.


For the best light and privacy protection, opt for outside mount installation if your window isn’t square.


Never use an already installed blind or shade as a measurement. Always measure the window opening.

Top-down, bottom up shades have pleats which hang from the headrail. These pleats, also known as a bumper, block out light that may leak through the top of the shade. When mounting the bumper, it is important to not trap it in the bracket.

Cord cleats may be mounted to the trim on the window or to a wall adjacent to the trim. Cleats will enable you to keep the shade cables tucked away and off of the floor. It will also make the shades neater and less dangerous for pets and children.

Top-down top-up shades are an excellent choice for window treatment that offers superior privacy and light controls. Once you have found the right top down bottom-up shades, it’s time to let our experts do the rest. Our blinds installation professionals will measure and fit your shades.

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