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Life-Saving Facts About Coronavirus For Every Man

Presently, COVID-19 is one of the biggest threat to humanity. With more people dying daily from coronavirus infection, one cannot help but feel a certain level of helplessness and dismay. The coronavirus affects all demographics and to know if you have contracted the virus, you need to get a COVID 19 PCR test in London. However, it affects men and women differently.

Below are a few life-saving facts about coronavirus every man should know and measures to keep your family members, and loved ones safe during this pandemic.

Men die faster from the coronavirus than women

Women and men get infected with the coronavirus, but some reports say that more men are likely to die from COVID-19 than women. The statistics on the death rates shows that the death rate for men is 2.8% while that of women is 1.7%.

This may be due to the stronger immune system in women, resulting from their oestrogen levels. The above statistic is from China, where more men are more plagued with underlying health issues like diabetes and overweight compared to women, so this may be the reason for a higher death toll in men.

Alcohol intake is detrimental during the COVID-19 pandemic

Taking alcohol weakens the immune system and slows down the response to infections. During this pandemic, you need your immune system to function optimally. Drinking alcohol would make this impossible, and it also has a long term effect of the liver function, which also puts you at risk of becoming severely ill when infected.

Some people may think that alcohol kills the coronavirus inside the body because of the effects outside the body, but it is far from the truth. The impact of alcohol in the gastrointestinal tract is quite different from its effect on the surface of the body. For alcohol to kill the virus outside the body, it has to be at least 60% and in contact with the virus for a minute. However, when you take alcohol, it mixes and gets diluted with body fluids, and this reduces the effect of alcohol.

Practice social distancing

You do not need to always stay at home, but whenever you are out, ensure you keep some distance between yourself and others. Even when walking or carrying out any activity, you need to be at least 6 feet away from other people.

It may not be advisable to engage in a team or large sports activities because the environment will only expose you to the coronavirus. However, you can get a suitable and safe sporting activity because your physical and mental health is important. Exercising can help you manage anxiety which is common during this pandemic.

Take your mental health seriously

The coronavirus has brought along with it the feeling of anxiety and depression in most women and men. Men may be a higher risk of being stressed and mentally imbalanced to commit suicide because statistics and history show that men are three times more likely to commit suicide compared to women.

Ensure you take care of your mental health to avoid depression which may likely lead to suicide—the WHO has recommended the following.

  • Endeavour to be kind and sympathetic when relating to people because being kind to others helps you feel better
  • Try not to judge people, especially those infected because they did nothing wrong
  • Try not to always listen to several broadcasts because it could make you feel worse
  • Manage your stress level

Different ways are available to deal with stress, find one that suits you and stick to it.

Consider shaving your beard

Respiratory masks may not properly fit men with beards because some types of beards may not allow the mask seal correctly, and this may lead to escape of the much-needed oxygen. Incorrectly sealed respiratory masks may also lead to emission of more viral particles which lead to higher chances of transmission of the coronavirus.

Thoroughly clean car interior

Unknowing to you, you may be incubating the coronavirus in your car. Most drivers do not clean the interior of their cars. On average, a car harbours 19 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. The coronavirus is more likely to survive in a moist, warm environment, and it can stay on inanimate objects like seat belts or car steering wheels for about nine days.

To clean your car properly and kill any lingering viral particles, you need to use a cleaning solution with about 62 – 71% ethanol, 0.1% sodium hypochlorite, or 0.5% hydrogen peroxide for about a minute. Health experts advise people to use diluted bleach containing sodium hypochlorite for domestic cleaning.

Help out at home

Jokes making rounds is that women genetically created the coronavirus to keep men at home often. Although this is not true, it would be nice to for more men to help out at home as this can ease the stress on their partners.

In 2019, a survey of several heterosexual couples showed that women perform most home chores in 93% of homes, even when the women were breadwinners of the home. In most homes, there is also the constant arguments about who should handle some chores.

With most people self-isolating, there should be fewer excuses to support your partner at home to help reduce tension on your relationship.

Deal with snoring

Snoring is more common in men. It usually occurs due to sleep apnoea, a medical condition that could lead to premature death and heart strain. If your snoring disturbs your partner, you may want to consider getting help for it.

Treatment for sleep apnoea includes using continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP). The treatment of sleep apnoea involves wearing a mask at night, which provides pressurised oxygen. It is uncertain if sleep apnoea increases your risk of COVID-19, but ensure you clean and disinfect your CPAP mask often.

Quit smoking

Research about the risk factors of COVID-19 suggests that smoking increases your risk of becoming severely ill when infected. A Chinese study of 78 patients found that about 27.3% of these patients who developed acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) were smokers. This is a large percentage compared to only 3% of non-smokers who developed ARDS.

Vaping is a risk factor

Vaping may increase your risk of becoming severely sick from COVID-19 infection. It could also damage the cells lining your respiratory tract. The hair-like structure on the surface of these cells, called cilia, helps to remove bacteria and viruses from the airways. Damage to these cells makes your respiratory tract to build up viruses and bacteria.

E-cigarettes contain substances like acetaldehyde, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol, which are harmful to the body. The acrolein component of e-cigarettes can cause lung cancer. You may want to consider quitting vaping and smoking, especially in this period of COVID-19.


Your health is important, so you need to take active steps to ensure you remain healthy. It would help if you also changed your social and physical habit to suit the present times. Your physical health is as important as your mental health.

Your relationship with others affects your mental health. If you adhereto these safety tips and get your PCR COVID test in London when you have symptoms of the coronavirus, you would be able to beat this pandemic.

To ensure safety and that of people around you, call Medical Express Clinic on 020 74991991 to get your COVID PCR test in London today.

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