How to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus in Workplace

Everybody knows that there is a pandemic prevailing over the word and it is infecting the peoples adversely. And this pandemic may lead the people toward death. In some areas of the world, it is too lethal. The cause of this pandemic is vires known as corona and coved 19. Due to this corona issue most of the countries impose lockdown and due to this lock down all the activities of the countries are held and stopped, markets, offices, businesses, educational are closed and everybody in the word is suffering by this virus by one or in other way and whole the word is passing through the era of economics.

This situation is rather more harmful for the developing countries and the countries are not in a position of imposing lockdown because if lockdown is imposed the people may die by hunger. However, services like online assignment service, are making good living even in this pandemic state. These countries may continue the activities but not in the normal ways but with following some instruction called standard operating instruction or SOPs.

 Following are some points to stop the spread of coronavirus in workplace.

  1. Avoid Gathering: 

The first and very important thing is to create distance between persons so that if someone is Infected he may not cause to spread the virus. To make it possible one should make the people to come in shifts and in this way, you may spread your staff in two or three groups or some companies may arrange their workers; an alternate day. Anyhow gathering should be avoided by using different techniques which may be applicable as per work center. 

  1. Washing Hands Again: 

Washing the hands again and again the vires may harm you by touching different places or by doing some work so it is better to wash your hands again and again and keep in mind that you must wash your hands with standard soap and the methods prescribed by the media. 

  1. Provision of Sanitizer at Work Place: 

It is the responsibility of the manager to make the sanitizer available on the workplace and motivate their workers to use sanitizer again and again. And the manager is to also ensure that sanitizer should be of high quality and standard. 

  1. Contact no’s list:   

List of the telephone numbers of key persons of the work center and other persons who may be approached in case of emergency important places like hospital and ambulance should be displayed in a prominent place. 

  1. Use of Mask: 

By using a mask we may save yourself and others 90 percent the mask should be of proper specification and the mask should be used only by one person. And do not use others mask which may infect you. 

  1. Display posters and banners: 

In the work centers on different posters and banners should be displayed to different places which may y motivate the workers and which may contain different procedure like how to wash hands, how to use sanitizer no mask no entry. 

  1. WorkCentre should be disinfected: 

If some case is found in the work center, the work center may be disinfected or otherwise, the work center be disinfected by spraying and other methods.

  1. Use of Thermal gun: 

It is also essential that on the entrance of Work Centre all the workers should be checked for their temperature by using thermal and a record of all the workers should be maintained on daily bases and shown to the manager. During checking of temperature if someone has abnormal temperature, he should not be allowed to enter the work center.  

Beside all of the above-mentioned points also follow different instructions provided to you by your work center manager and government from time to time using media and news. 

In case someone has a corona positive do not create panic because panic in emergency adds another emergency. Be cool and quarantine yourself.

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