How to select a round cut diamond engagement ring

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A round cut diamond engagement ring complements the beauty of your partner. Also, it encapsulates in itself the love and commitment in your relationship. It becomes crucial to look out for a ring that would justify each and every aspect of your married life. The ring is symbolic of the devotion and commitment attached to your spouse. So, the quality of the diamond becomes equally important as its beauty.

With so many varieties available in the market, it often becomes a tedious task to decipher the originality of the diamond placed in the ring. The following are certain points to look out for before you embark on the journey of finding the perfect round cut diamond engagement ring for your better-half.

  1. The light setting of the place.

The first and foremost factor to keep in mind is the lighting of the place. The settings of light can make or break the appearance of a diamond. Thus, it is important to check if the diamond you choose will shine the same everywhere or not. A quality round cut diamond is like a complex series of mirrors that reflects the surrounding light and the environment.

  1. The brilliance of the diamond.

A round cut diamond ring always reflects white light through internal and external reflection. This feature is technically referred to as the brightness or brilliance of a diamond. The engagement rings in Hatton Garden can be observed under diffused light settings available at the store. A good polish and symmetry of the diamond yields its brightness.

  1. Techniques to check the appearance of the ring.

To check the fire of your ring, tilt it under a spotlight and look for red, blue, yellow, or orange flashes. To check the sparkle, move the source of light and look for spots of light that flash. To check for scintillation, the diamond must exhibit a combination of sparkle and pattern. A good round cut diamond ring demarcates even and balanced reflections.

  1. Durability and sustenance of the ring.

An engagement ring is for life. So, it is important that you select a durable ring that can sustain any type of pressure. A diamond may top the hardness scale index, but can still chip and break. Therefore, choose a diamond by considering the number, type, and placement of diamond inclusions near the girdle. These factors decide the durability of the round cut diamond engagement ring.

With a quality market of engagement rings Hatton Garden tops the list when it comes to having a satiable experience. The rings are not only high on fashion game, but also at the epitome of quality. The elegance and style of the rings will catch you by your breath and give you a glimpse of the blissful married life that lies ahead of you. So, get ready to experience the euphoria of the joy and pleasure you are going to deliver to your partner with the perfect round cut diamond engagement ring.

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