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How to choose the best post offered through SSC CGL Exam?


SSC CGL exam offers prestigious career options with diverse posts in different departments and ministries of the government. Every year SSC CGL Notification comes and millions of aspirants fill the online application to appear in the exam.

Candidates are asked to choose the post while filling the application form for the SSC CGL exam as there about 33 posts notified through SSC CGL Recruitment. It becomes a tough choice as all posts offer a lucrative job with a handsome salary package. It is generally observed that candidates are attracted to some popular posts like Assistant CBI,  Inspector (Examiner), Income Tax Inspector, etc.

Candidates randomly choose the post without knowing much about them hence they are not satisfied after joining the same after qualifying for the SSC CGL exam. There are some significant factors that need to be clarified and understood these are:

  1. Salary Grade

Before opting for the post it is better to know the salary package of the posts you have shortlisted from the list available in the notification. Visit the official website to know the basic details of every post. Salary is the prime concern of almost every applicant. Hence go through the grade of pay offered to various posts and choose the one with a high scale in case your priority is more towards a high salary.

  1. Benefits of the post

Besides pay scale, there are other benefits offered to some of the posts offered through the SSC CGL exam. Go through the extra benefits such as LTA, PF, HRA, and other allowances attached to the salary package. Pick the post accordingly and in case you are looking for an outstation location then check the HRA allowance offered to the post and similarly check the same for other posts.

  1. Duties and responsibilities of the post

Shortlist the posts from the list and then go through the duties and responsibilities. Choose the post that suits your preferences. If you want a desk job then choose a post where more desk work is there. If you like a challenging post then choose Assistant (Central Vigilance Commission) because it requires a lot of investigation and presence of mind. Keep your passion in hand while choosing for the post and fill in the option accordingly.

  1. Area of posting

There are many posts that will be given outside your home location as there may be no offices in their home locations. If you prefer to relocate then choose for the post offering a static location other than your home location if you need a particular job. Assistant Section Officer (CSS) is offered through SSC CGL EXAM Candidates are given Delhi location to join fr the post because its offices are situated in Delhi only and if you are not living in Delhi and want to apply for the said post and intend to relocate for the same then go for it.

  1. Growth or Promotion policies

Growth and promotion policies are different for different posts. Make a thorough survey of the job profiles of the posts you intend to apply for. One can choose at least 3 to 5 posts preferences in the SSC CGL application form. Read and understand the growth and promotion policies of those posts and then finalize the post. Although candidates are asked for the post preferences at the time of document verification from the options you have given in the form. Therefore choose carefully.

These are some of the significant factors that one should consider while filling in the post preferences so that you get the working place of your choice. Job satisfaction should be there so that you can enjoy your work. It will keep your spirits high and always ready to work with a fresh mind. It is advisable to choose the SSC CGL post cautiously while filling in the SSC CGL online application form.

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