How Private Investigators Locate Hidden Assets

If you are certain that someone is hiding assets that you have an interest in, you will have to use different ways to find out the truth, besides constantly interrogating or asking them about it. Since this asset or assets could be of immense importance and value to you, you wouldn’t want to let go of it. This is where you will require the services of a private investigator to help you find these assets. Once your investigator has helped you track them down, you will be able to use the collected evidence to pursue a legal case. 


Situations That Involve Hidden Assets

Usually, hidden assets issues arise in family matters. For instance, when a couple wants to separate from each other and they file a divorce, one of the partners may try to hide assets in order to prevent the other person from getting a fair share in the proceedings. Moreover, a lot of people try to hide assets before signing their prenuptial agreement to keep their spouse in the dark about the property. Sometimes hidden assets issues also arise in child support and spousal support cases. Other than family matters, these cases are also seen in official matters. A lot of people tend to hide assets in a bankruptcy filing to salvage some of their belongings. 


Locations Of Hidden Assets

There is a rich profusion of ways to hide assets. Some people make hidden corporations or limited liability corporations to hide their assets, while others have offshore bank accounts. Paying some extra bit to creditors is also a method of keeping personal assets hidden.

There are times when people spend an awful lot of money when they want something, just to convert it into some other property. This is mostly seen when people purchase expensive vehicles, homes, aircrafts, collectables, jewellery, or other luxury things. People usually intend to convert their cash into these highly expensive assets and then go on to under-report its value on legal documents, tax documents, and even on corporate documents. Furthermore, people also have assets like stocks, bonds, annuities, retirement accounts or safe deposit boxes, which they want to hide from people. 

In some cases, hidden assets are dealt with by third parties. We also see people hiding their assets using their children or other family members’ names when they set up a custodial account. Some audacious people even claim to have a debt with some friend and they pay it off afterwards just to get the money later. Businesses usually give salaries in the name of people who don’t even exist and that is later claimed by the debtor or spouse. Also, people tend to hide assets at their friend’s house or other storage facilities. When a spouse is cheating on their significant other, they hide assets they are purchasing for the other person. These things include apartments, vehicles, jewellery, or sometimes even cash. 


How To Locate Assets

Truth be told, locating hidden assets isn’t an easy task. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you feel your spouse or a family member is hiding things from you, it would be best to hire a private investigator. Private investigators are experienced professionals who use their skills and unique techniques to figure out things an ordinary person cannot. They are known for tracing a mobile number in the UK, finding hidden documents, hidden assets, revealing truths about a person, finding missing people, and many other difficult tasks. 

Usually, for locating hidden assets, private investigators will conduct a thorough investigation, followed by making a report on it. The evidence collected by a private detective can be used in the court, in order to make the court aware of all the alleged activities regarding hidden assets. 

Private investigators search through public records, and other relevant and publicly- available documents to get their answers. In addition to that, private investigators use unique surveillance methods to keep a check on a suspected individual to see if they have a pattern of visiting a particular location or meeting a specific person. They are also able to cross-reference addresses and other contact details to figure out potential patterns and locations that can unearth hidden assets.

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