How Irregular period impact your pregnancy?

How Irregular period impact your pregnancy?

This is true that, if God has made someone so powerful, that is the women. Women’s words sound very dedicated as none can beat the power of this word. Most of the women face the irregular periods problem which is not a normal thing. This type of situation gives you anxiety and you will feel frustrated. Especially when *you are trying to get pregnant or conceive the baby*. If you want to conceive a baby, it is very important to have periods regularly. If your menstrual cycle doesn’t come properly, then it will create the obstacles on the road of pregnancy. 

To better understand what will happen if your period doesn’t have a regular schedule then you can consult your specialist fertility doctor. They will understand all your problems very calmly and take all your points seriously. After this, they will give you the best option to overcome this problem. 

Irregular Period Symptoms and Causes

  1. Irregular Menstrual Cycle: Generally menstrual cycle range is 21 to 35 days. If any woman fails to have between these days, then there are chances that she is suffering from irregular periods. If this scenario happens for one and two months then it is okay! But if it is happening for more than 5 to 6 months then you should definitely consult a fertility specialist manchester
  2. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome( PCOS): PCOS is a hormonal disorder. Do you know that you could be facing PCOS ? Wonder how? If you are facing irregular periods since 6 months or your periods last for 15 to 20 days then there are some chances that you could be suffering from  PCOS.
  3. Thyroid: Thyroid is a gland which is responsible to increase and decrease your body hormones. Most of the symptoms of thyroid are: anxiety, stress, heart palpitation, muscle aches etc. It will also affect your lifestyle factors like : hair fall, weight gain and loss of appetite leading to weight loss as well etc.


Want to get pregnant with an irregular period?

After marriage, every couple wants to start a new journey to become a parent. Everyone’s life is not the same . There are some certain things which can create problems. If you are trying to get pregnant with your irregular periods, then you should adopt these natural methods. For example: You can use an ovulation calculator to help you to detect the luteinizing hormone. From time to time do monitor the cervical mucus and your body temperature. You should always keep in mind to have a unprotected sex regularly if want to get pregnant soon.

After doing all this, if you are still facing these types of problems then you should go to your doctor for a full body checkup and blood test. If you get pregnant in irregular periods then you should not get worried about the baby. But there are some causes like PCOS and thyroid which create high chances of miscarriage and other risks.


Is fertility treatment can help you out from irregular periods?

You should talk to your Best Gynaecologist in Manchester about medical problems for getting pregnant in irregular periods. They will listen to all the problems and give the best advice to you and also prescribe the medicines which increase the chances of getting pregnant. 

Mostly people think that if they are suffering from irregular periods then she will never get pregnant. But this type of thinking is totally wrong. Getting pregnant in irregular periods is absolutely possible! The Best Gynecologists will suggest you to overcome this problem. 

A new journey!

Don’t take stress if you have these kinds of problems. Keep in mind that technology has improved a lot. There are so many scientific ways and medications which have proved to be a worldwide success. I personally go through irregular periods. It’s just normal in women. But not having periods for several months and then suddenly having them for non-stop 20-30 days is not a good thing. This can make you anemic. There are so many women who have faced these problems and successfully came out of it through the right medicines and lifestyle. Just relax and get checked!

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