Find More YouTube Views: 4 Tips to Try Today

More views on YouTube, if not near the top of the to-do list of any content marketer should come in a world increasingly dominated by video.


Let me answer the elephant in the room before you say it: YouTube views don’t hold the lights on. You’re not alone if you hesitate to commit time and energy to an unprovided channel. Many advertisers – under pressure to reach their short-term goals – tend to forget YouTube and invest in paid and paid social science.


1. Content make good (that nobody else is making)


Yup. Yup. Yup. It’s that. This is my first tip for more YouTube views.


Make good content. Make good content. Create material that no one else does.


As a matter of principle, I’ve made this my number one tip. You will find all sorts of unjust and unhonest ways to maximize your YouTube views if you look hard enough — and you don’t even need to look hard. I know that you good people wouldn’t think we were going to be so tiny, but it’s important for me we’re on the same jump page.


The best way to effectively make videos on YouTube is to watch — and I can just add, to watch throughout. All about the value in one word. You are not appropriate for content marketing if you are unable to offer importance to your viewers. It’s that straightforward.


YouTube is a search engine at its heart, just like Google’s parent company. And what is a search engine to do, my friends? Direct users to the highest possible content. That is why Google constantly recommends that SEOs concentrate their website visitors on building value.


Speak to your outlook. Find out at night what holds them. Use it to keep your videos updated. Let all others depend on hacks and tricks.

2. Think of series rather than single videos


Many makers of YouTube organize their videos into playlists. Why? Why?


This is an easy explanation: clicking a video embedded in a playlist will automatically start the next video to this playlist when the current video is done. A viewer may thus access a variety of similar videos without having to raise the finger. This makes YouTube happy, of course, because it results in higher ad sales. But it should also please you because it means more effort and more video views.


Of course, it makes a bad user experience to create an unrelated bunch of videos in a big playlist. Rather, I suggest that you brainstorm your Youtube content in terms of episodes, not in terms of individual videos. This way, it is easy to organize your videos into logical playlists as time goes on and you create more content. Your audience will have a smooth, fun experience and enjoy stirring views. Win-win! – Win-win!


This is a case in point. I would concentrate on making a handful of videos while I was promoting a baseball academy, say: one about catching, one about batting, and so on. Brainstorming from the beginning of this system is a perfect way to excel YouTube.


3. Get familiar with YouTube SEO


As I said: The search engine is YouTube. As with every other search engine, YouTube uses a few signals to organize the results of its search. Understanding and appealing to the big rating signals is key to achieving a higher view on YouTube.


First of all: Keywords are required. Nothing can be designed without goal keywords. After you have made a list of the subjects you want to deal with (think in terms of series!), switch them to the search bar for YouTube — one by one. You will create a list of suggested search queries, as you have probably previously seen. – of these suggestions is something that actual YouTube users have been looking for again and again. In other words, each of them is a great candidate for a keyword target!


It is worth noting that some of the keywords are harder to rank—than others, more competitive. You can feel how competitive each keyword is with the WordStream Free Keyword Tool. Even if the tool extracts knowledge from Google and Bing—and not YouTube—that’s an efficient way to calculate the level of difficulty.


4. Link up with other content creators


It does not mean that your partnership has to be opposing only because you and another content creator pursue this same audience. I will, in fact, encourage you to develop a symbiotic relationship — that is, a relationship that benefits you both. Note that YouTube Content Marketing’s ultimate objective is to provide audience value and increase the pool of top-of-the-line perspectives. If you ask me, the presence of a rival in no way reduces your ability to achieve this goal.


So, how do you get to buy YouTube views when you symbiosis with another producer of content targeted at the same audience? Simple: together you build a piece of material. For example, you would profit from being introduced to a community of users who may not previously have met your brand if you participate in one of your competitor’s videos as a guest star. At the same time, the increased traffic generated by your promotion will help your rival. Your YouTube users are enjoying stellar content all the time. Everyone wins in this case!


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