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Everything You Should Know About Sustainable Dry cleaning

With the growing negative threats of global warming, and the surge in consumers searching for a balance between the value for their money and inherent beliefs about customer service, people want more products and services that possess exceptional quality and results.

Since businesses don’t want to lose out in a fiercely competitive cutthroat world, they’re aligning themselves with these new trends, environmental consciousness and client satisfaction.

Of course, this has brought about a need for sustainable development practices in all industries. At Masters drycleaners, we believe in topnotch product offerings that give clients a good run for their money. We are proud to be a sustainable local dry-cleaner. (sustainable in the context of dry-cleaning).

  • So What Makes A Drycleaner Sustainable?

Simple. The use of safe practices that are healthy for the consumer and the environment. Sustainable Dry-cleaning emerged as an alternative to harmful chemicals that had been used for a long time. Once upon a time, the majority of dry-cleaners used perchloroethylene to clean the clothes of clients.

Stunning and revealing research from scientists (bless their souls) educated the dry-cleaning industry on the harmful effects of perc on the average human. Not only was it toxic to humans, but it was also highly unsafe for the environment as well. Perc is powerful enough to contaminate the soil, air, and water.

Some dry-cleaning companies wisely found ways to sustain their business and prioritise customer health by finding out about sustainable dry-cleaning. However, till today, some businesses still use perc. In the business world, there will always be those who operate by the mantra of: “The end justifies the means”. Therefore the consumer is left to do his/her own investigative analysis and due diligence.

  • How Am I Supposed to Know if my dry-cleaner is eco-friendly?

Well we aren’t psychic

And neither are you. You’re just going to have to ask. If your dry-cleaner is true to you and has your best interest at heart, they would reassure you and give you an honest answer. It would also be prominently displayed on their website or social media page. If it’s not, and you ask but can’t seem to get a straightforward answer, well we’d advise that you leave. At Master drycleaners, we have a dedicated team trained on how to destroy 98% of germs without using toxic chemicals on your clothes. And we’re proud to tell anyone ready to listen, that we are eco-friendly.

And we’re always happy to expand our ever-growing clientele who loves our dry-cleaning and laundry pickup service.

  • Okay if you don’t use perc what do you use?

Wet cleaning

Might sound off and contradictory but yeah it’s a thing. It’s a much safer alternative to perc and the most preferred technique in Europe. It involves the use of water with dry-cleaning based chemicals to give your clothes that soft clean look. Besides being gentle and safe, it’s eco-friendly of course. Another safe chemical we use is hydrocarbon. It is also incredibly safe for the environment and our clients.

In conclusion, our utmost priority and importance at Masters drycleaners is our clients’ health and our dedicated team. We would never jeopardise your trust in us or your health by deviating into unsafe health practices. To stay true to our core values, we are relentlessly pursuing the most healthy and practical solutions.

So the next time you are searching for a company that has laundry pickup and door off service London, and excellent dry-cleaning practices, ask yourself if they have efficient, sustainable dry-cleaning services. Ask yourself if they do their part to keep the environment healthy and safe for all. Are you interested in our services? Want to get limitless access to our impressive services and professionalism? Why not get in touch with us today?


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