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What is the difference between Shared and VPS hosting 2021

What is shared hosting?

The word ”share” clearly indicates what share hosting is; it is nothing but a platform that enables multiple users or multiple websites to share a single server. One question strikes all of us that whether this hosting provides privacy, so the answer would be ”yes” it does, infarct the host doesn’t know what websites are utilizing the server’s resources for or what users are sharing the help of the server with.

Shared hosting is a short term consisting of a server where all the websites and web-pages are stored. So suppose if any individual wants to have access to any information, he is compelled to type the URL or web-link on the browser, held on the server having a unique web address that makes it easier to access any particular data. However, there are always limitations to utilizing the server’s resources, and it is thoroughly in control of the host. The host looks after the excess utilization of server resources.

Advantages of shared hosting

  • Cheap in nature
  • Easily up gradable
  • Easier to use
  • No maintenance required

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Cheap in nature

This hosting is the most feasible and cheap hosting available. Being reasonable allows it to be available for a broader audience range frequently depending on such platforms. This hosting generally ranges from 3$ to 10$, depending on the customer’s budget and the requirement. Depending on the condition, the price gradually increases.

Easily up gradable

Upgrades are available in the market abundantly and require no special skills for advancement; it is known widely by different hosting companies. This can be done quickly enough without any requirement of primary technical skills. Upgrades are often available with hosting companies on multiple levels, which varies accordingly with the given package.

Easier to use

Shared hosting is generally designed in such a way that it is very much user friendly. From beginner to master, from amateur to pro, everyone can use it without any restrictions introduced by the host. It comes along with a built c panel, making it even easier to manage irrespective of any further complications leading to any difficulty.

No maintenance required

Customers are not compelled to make any maintenance as it comes under the responsibility of the hosting server. The company that provides packages looks after the server’s care so that it is smooth to use for the customers. The packages vary depending on the services it includes, which are part of the box.

Disadvantages of shared hosting

  • Time lag
  • Excessive traffic
  • Deteriorating rate
  • No transparency 
  • Fewer customization options

Time lag

As there is no control over the number of users using the resources, time lag should occur due to excessive engagement.

Excessive traffic

An excessive number of websites sharing the server at a particular time can overburden the server makes it low responsive.

Deteriorating rate

As the server’s online trafficking increases, it begins to perform inefficiently and thus degrading the quality.

No transparency

Shared hosting does not provide any transparency about users or websites using the server, which can pose a threat to the server itself.

Fewer customization options

In this hosting, the server’s interface is not very much attractive as the customization options are fewer and thus degrading the performance.


VPS, also known as a virtual private server, is the most popular hosting server currently. The latest visualization technology accommodates in this server, which makes it very fast and boosts performance to a different level.

Since it is hosted by a single parent, the security level is much higher than different hosting. However, the number of users allowed to utilize the resources is much lesser comparatively, and therefore it provides extreme stability. As it functions on a tiny scale, the server’s expenses accounting is less as well.

Advantages of VPS hosting

  • Faster processing
  • Higher stability
  • Lesser prone to traffic
  • Better privacy
  • Easily upgradable

Faster processing

Nowadays, everyone is reliable on quick processors for quicker implementation, and this hosting comes up with highly faster processing.

Higher stability

Fluctuations caused to the server are significantly less as there are not many users allowed to use this platform; hence the stability in this hosting is excellent.

Lesser prone to traffic

There is a limitation on the number of users or websites using the server’s resources for the smooth functioning of the server and providing better performance to the customers.

Better privacy

Files and databases of the users or websites are handled by another dedicated server, which is meant for only this purpose. This server provides security by locking all the files and the databases of the customers.

Easily upgradable

Upgrades are readily available for this hosting as it is run by a single parent and organized.

Disadvantages of VPS hosting

  • Expensive
  • Requires high use of technical tools
  • Complicated configuration


This hosting style is costly compared to shared hosting as it involves a very reliable server allowing very few customers for better running of the server. Every query or issue by the customers is resolved immediately within a few working hours, thus keeping the system’s maintenance up to date. eWebGuru VPS is only VPS hosting in India which is cheap and trustworthy.

High use of technical tools

As the server is well equipped with the latest technology, the requirement to fulfill the maintenance can only be met by using highly technical tools, which requires a perfect amount of technical knowledge.

Complicated configuration

While building this hosting, the configuration is filled with complications deliberately to provide better security to customer’s siles and databases from external sources. On the contrary, if the server is failed to be appropriately configured, it can lead to many vulnerabilities such as data loss.

Difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting


The budget of shared hosting is lesser than VPS as it does not involve a private server, whereas VPS involves a virtual remote server.


Shared hosting is not highly equipped with advanced features. On the other hand, VPS is popularly known for its performance and reliability.

Root access

In VPS hosting, customers or users are provided with superuser root access for faster processing, which is promised by the VPS hosting, but there is no such access in the case of shared hosting.


The scalability of VPS hosting is excellent. It provides easy-to-scale networking by introducing superuser root access, making it much easier to use than shared hosting servers.



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