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Guide to Buying Custom cheap cordless cellular shades

It can be hard to find the right shade for you, especially if it is a custom size and in different colors. Window shades can be a focal point of any room. In modern times, blinds are no longer necessary to cover windows.

Everyone prefers to customize their spaces in ways that are affordable and suit their needs. Before you decide to spend big on custom shades, these are some things that you should think about.

Safe for Children And Pets. Children, and pets, are naturally curious about their surroundings. Even household essentials like window shades can become hazards. Factory Direct Blinds takes safety into consideration when designing window treatments for homes with pets, children, or babies. Factory Direct Blinds offers many innovative lift systems that combine safety and convenience with attractiveness.

cheap cordless cellular shades

Budget-friendly – Are you furnishing the entire house or just one area? Do you want to furnish spaces that don’t need much care or rooms that have a touch of elegance? You might even spend less depending on the custom size of your windows. You will also need to consider features and patterns as they can affect the final price. The final price of window cheap cordless cellular shades shouldn’t exceed $100.

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Lower maintenance – Do not dust your window coverings weekly. Faux wood blinds and vertical blinds are low-maintenance and easy to clean. These window treatments require only a quick vacuuming or quick dusting to stay in good condition.


Personal preference – What window shades should you consider adding to your living area? Do you prefer your space to be more bright and airy? Or do you prefer it to be cozy and less light-heavy?


Cheap cordless cellular shades that block the sun can make your space look more cozy and brighter, while also allowing you to take a break during the night so that you can get some sleep. You have two options. Privacy and light. This is how you will choose the right fabrics and styles for your windows.

Measuring Windows

It is important to measure the windows. Factory Direct Blinds customer services representative can confirm that your measurements are correct prior to placing an order online.


Quick Measuring Tips

You should measure depth, width, & height in three places. The height measurement is taken from the highest point to the nearest one-eighth.

Vertical Blinds Measurements – To determine the width of vertical blinds, measure from the top, bottom, and middle of the window opening. The narrowest dimension should be used. Measure down to 1/8″. You will get the blind to work properly if it is the smallest measurement.

cheap cordless cellular shades

Measure the length of the blind from the center, right, and left sides. Measure the length to the nearest inch. Any deductions that are necessary will be made by the factory. Do not make width or length derogations.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing window blinds. Use a tape measure to measure the height and width of your blinds at three locations. Take the shortest measurement.

To check if an inside mount can be installed, measure the depth from your window frame. Find out more in our How To Fit Blinds and Shades Guide.

Get window treatments at a fraction of the cost that are safe and come in a range of colors and fabrics. Factory Direct Blinds provides a variety of custom window shades to enhance the beauty of your windows. You can order custom cheap cordless cellular shades for your home today to give it a decorative, new look.

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