Best Chromebooks for home use

Best Chromebooks for home use 2021

Laptops are a general need these days. Whether you use it for work, games or just home use. Chromebook laptops are great for any type of computing, which you desire to do. We will go through some of the best Chromebooks, which are best for your home use in 2021. So, lets just dive right in. 


First up is the Chromebook S345It is powered by AMD 6 with 1.80GHz processor. It has a memory of 4 GB RAM and a storage space of 64GB SSD. These specs make it a best fit for your home use. You can perform your daily tasks with great speed and precision. You can store all your favourite apps, games, and videos in it with a carefree manner. 

The display is great. It is equipped with 14 inch HD display with 1920×1080 resolutions. It has a thin bezel which gives it more screen to body ratio. Enjoy the best viewing experience on this HD display. Stream your favourite videos with your whole family on this wide screen. You can also enjoy your gaming session on this screen. You will get the best viewing experience for sure.  

Lenovo has made connectivity easy for you guys with this Chromebook. It is equipped with two USB-C 3.1 ports and USB-A 3.1 ports. You can connect any device of your choice with this great laptop. It is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.2, which allows you to connect with your favourite wireless peripherals. It has in-built Wifi which connects like a cool breeze. It keeps you connected even when the connections are spotty and weak. 

ASUS Chromebook C403NA

Next up is the Chromebook C403NA by ASUS. It is powered by Intel Celeron with 1.10GHz of processor. It runs on Chrome OS. It has a memory of 4GB RAM and a storage space of 32GB SSD. Such great specs make sure you have the best computing experience every time you use it. The casual computing can be easily done on this Chromebook. It is by far one of the best Chromebooks for home use.  

It has a 14 inch display with 1366×768 resolutions. The display is quite decent and provides a good viewing experience. You can enjoy your streaming with your friends and family at the ease of your home. Gaming sessions are also great on this laptop. 

It is quite safe and secure Chromebook with great protection features. Enjoy your beverage while watching a movie with your family at home. Water spills on keyboard are not an issue now. It can endure water spills up to 66cc. It wont let your laptop get damaged. 

Now you don’t have to fear while handing your kids this laptop, because it can endure falls with ease. It is equipped with rubber safety grips on the back, so you can use it in a carefree manner. These rubber safety grips keep your laptop safe even it falls from your hands, while you are carrying it somewhere. 

It has a long battery time, so you don’t need to charge it time and time again. It gives a long battery time of 12 hours on a single charge. Enjoy the streaming with your family or friends at your home without even having to charge it.  

HP Chromebook 11A G8

This one is the Chromebook by HP. Lets get the technical specs out of the way first. It is powered by AMD A-series processor with a processing speed of 1.60GHz. Chromebook 11A G8 has a memory of 4 GB RAM and a storage space of 16 GB. These specifications are more than enough for you guys if you want to use your Chromebook at home. It works on Chrome OS, so you get the best operational interface every time you perform your tasks.  

It has a 180 degrees hinge which makes this laptop lie completely flat on the table, so you can enjoy the best collaborative learning or working with this Chromebook. It is also equipped with optional IPS HD touch screen. Enjoy or work on a touch screen with your friends and family. Get the most out of your casual computing experience with super responsive touch screen. 

It has a USB-C port, so you can easily connect with all the devices of your choice. Transfer data with great ease. You can even charge this Chromebook with any USB-C adapter. It makes you stay connected universally to all the devices of your choice.  


Chromebooks are widely used these days, whether you want to game, work or just perform your daily tasks. These were three of the best Chromebooks for home use. Choose from these or select from a wide range of Chromebooks only at 

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