All About Kheerganga Trek.


Kheerganga trek is one of the most renowned of India, situated in the Parvati valley (Kullu valley), Himachal Pradesh. It reaches an altitude of almost 9,700 ft. The difficulty level of this 24km long trek is easy to moderate with slightly steep ascent throughout.

How to reach.

The trek initiates from Bhuntar village which sprawls on the Delhi-Manali Highway. This village is also the junction to the two divine and restless rivers of Beas and Parvati river. You can reach here by volvo bus from your respective towns.

The next destination is Kasol and then the town of Barshaini from where the final and the long awaited trek of kheerganga begins. While trekking you will encounter a number of pleasing peaks, temples, trees and rivers.You will also come across the divine Parvati Kund. Along with trekking, you are also offered a magical opportunity of camping under the blanket of stars. The consequent day, you’re yomped back towards Barshaini.

Best time to visit.

The best time for kheerganga trek is usually from march to june. The weather during these months are considered apt for a sport like trekking. Along with gifting you the adrenaline rush, it will also bless your eyes with remarkable beauties wearing all green and florals. This weather acts as a cherry on top during camping on the trek.

Things to do in kheerganga trek

  1. Sightseeing.    

           1.1 Top attraction points.

                          This trek envelops one of the most angelic and holy sceneries of the country like:

  1. Sulphur spring: water of this spring is known to cure a lot of skin ailments.
  2. Manikaran gurudwara: it is a very renowned religious place for Sikhs and is situated between the hills and the river beas.
  3. Shiva parwati temple : one of must visit is this holy and divine place.
  4. Tosh : this place is popular for its hippie culture and is a great tourist spot.


  1. Mountain dogs : You will be followed by a bunch of furry companions who will make your trip  finer and more worthy.


  1. Spring water: these will play a huge role in rejuvenating one’s self.


  1. Cafe’s : you can relish the beautiful cafes which serve wholesome food to treat yourself.


  1. Sunset : you can treat your eyes with orange skies in the valleys for kheerganga trek.


  1. Hot springs : you can revitalize your own self in the hot springs of the trek which are believed to have medicinal properties.


  1. Start the hiking early to make the most out of it.


  1. You can also write a travelogue or vlog during the trek


  1. Camping : this is one the most divine experiences that you can have in your life. Spending a night under the stars is what one dreams of.


  1. Rafting: you can also go for rafting in kullu, near the trek location, to make the most out of the trip.


Along with enjoying your heart out during the trek, one must take care of things like:


  1. Always keep an experienced person with you.
  2. Start to have a good diet a few weeks prior to your trek to improve your immunity and strength
  3.  Start to workout before your trek to increase stamina
  4. Always carry a first aid kit while trekking.



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