9 factors that influence rankings, SEO and usability

Nine important SEO factors in web promotion campaigns to increase website ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines

SEO factors affect SEO ranking or website optimization for search engines does not mean creating special pages for search engines. Search engine optimization generally means optimizing a website for a search engine and search engine as a special user.

If you are a webmaster who cares properly about SEO and performs website optimization correctly, the site will become attractive to common users and search engines. Search engines like Google often have hundreds of website ranking algorithms, the list of 9 indexes provided by view SEO below includes important metrics that can improve usability, website uptime and rank below. -above. Search Engine.

Fast website loading speed

Availability – Users don’t want to wait too long for a website to load.

Search Engine Optimization – Search engines can index your pages faster and easier.

The design of the website should be easy to read

Availability: Presentation allows users to easily read and capture content, increase the number of page views and increase the credibility of the information for users.

Search engine optimization: Search engines often include white text on a white background or text that is too small and hidden as spam.

Presented content

Usability: The title is clear, divided into short paragraphs, and the use of lists will facilitate the capture of the content of the page.

Search Engine Optimization – Titles, paragraphs, and lists often help search engines filter content more easily and understand what the page is referring to.

Use IMG ALT tag for images


By using Alt tags to accurately describe the corresponding image, it will help the user’s browser to always display the content of the image when there is a problem with the image path or link. or the loading time of the image. You also need the browser to disable the loading of oversized resources. The ALT IMG tag also helps browsers that do not support graphics or visually impaired users to understand the content of the image.

Search Engine Optimization:

Most search engines cannot parse complex image content, so you should use ALT IMG tags for images to help search engines understand the content of the image. image. Edit 404 error page ((This is the error that is returned when the web page is not found – Error pages not found.

Every second, thousands of people are searching for different products and services. But the big question is: do you appear at the top of their search results? If not, you may want to consider getting local SEO services as it can help you increase your search engine rankings in local search.


When a 404 error is not found, the user will automatically exit the website. To preserve them, you need to optimize the error page, provide suggestion links, or a search form or site map for users to find the content they need.

Search Engine Optimization:

The correct 404-page error setting helps search engines to index corresponding pages correctly, thus avoiding duplicate content due to incorrect settings.

Move easily

Availability – Clear, easy-to-find navigation links help your website visitors locate and find content easily.

Search Engine Optimization – Navigation links contain important keywords to help search engine spiders easily find scanned content and index.

Important content is at the top


For users with small screens such as netbooks or portable devices, laptops, important content should be displayed at the top.

Search Engine Optimization: As you know in the article on optimizing HTML source code using CSS application, the search engine will read the HTML source code in order from top to bottom so that the most important content is indexed.

The title contains useful information

Availability: Since the title is displayed in browser tabs, bookmarks, pre-rendering, search results pages, etc., the exact name and optimization of the title are very important to provide information. Message to users.

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